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The ebook store of enlightenment. The books they don’t want you to read. All purchases delivered instantly to PayPal email address and available immediately after purchase.
We ONLY sell digital books at present (audio (mp3) and ebook (pdf). Our ebooks can be read on most tablets, smart phones and computers.


The Afrikan Library is the number 1 online digital book store with an extensive library of Afro-centric literature that pertains to the betterment and education of ‘black’ people. @AfrikanLibrary (Instagram) is where we host the synopsis and book titles/covers of all the books we list on this site. Our history is often mis-taught and as a result of that our children and society are mis-educated (and mis-represented, particularly in the media).

We seem to have lost our culture, our identity and the like. Teachers and the public school system dedicate a single month to the oldest people on the planet, ‘black history month’; where they teach our children that one day we were in Africa…and then we were slaves.

It is often neglected that the world owes math, use of writing and early communication systems and a vast amount of historical accomplishment including numerous inventions and advanced science to Afrikan people. At the Afrikan Library E-Book Store of Enlightenment, we aim to re-educate the nation by providing a wide array of quality black study material. From the foods, religions and practices of our ancestors to black economic empowerment, black business studies and nation building. We offer many books and a quick, cheap and easy way to obtain them.

We also have a free ebooks section where you can download any ebooks on the page straight to your PC, phone or tablet. And are currently building a system whereby new authors, illustrators and photographers can come together, produce their works and host them here on our site. We are particularly interested in creating more books for young people and more homeschooling and academic materials.

Our mission is to re-teach Africans ancestral achievements and to educate the younger generation on their Self Values, Spirituality, Mathematics and Sciences

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Please contact us by emailing algroup@afrikanlibrary.net