About Us

After discovering banned books…

Our journey began in 2015

When we discovered ‘banned books’ we came across so many titles and subject matters that were too deep not to share. We noticed these books were not priced for the average, working-class black person to afford, and thus – this knowledge would never be received!

We then saw an opportunity to make a world of literature readily available to the people. And set out to encourage thought, growth and change in the collective.

We’re still here…

Minor Setbacks Won’t Break Our Stride

In 2019 Instagram deleted our account at 266,000 followers. They gave us no reason and no means to recover it. To this day our original username ‘afrikanlibrary’ is unavailable. We now use our backup page – @theafrikanlibrary.

We were disheartened at first as Instagram was our main means of connecting with and updating our customers.

But all this has shown is that they have the power to sensor us, and as long as we are relying on their platforms to connect with each other we are vulnerable!

So, here we are…

We’re just getting started

This is the start of a new beginning. With over 2000 empowering books in our arsenal, we do not intend on slowing down any time soon. Stick around, even if it is just for the free ebooks.

We are family, it’s cool.