Black History Month 2017: Blogs Related to the Civil Rights Movement

Happy Black History Month! This year the Rediscovering Black History blog at the National Archives would like to highlight select posts from the past. This public blog was created to inform researchers, scholars, students, and anyone interested in records related to African-American history at the National Archives and Presidential Libraries on the vast amount of textual, electronic, photographs, and special media available for use. For the past four years, NARA employees, student interns, and independent researchers have written informative and insightful blogs on the black experience through the use of our holdings. The highlighted blog posts for the month of February will center around popular themes. Today’s theme is the Civil Rights Movement.

Young women at the march, 08/28/1963 (National Archives Identifier 542022)

Young women at the march, 08/28/1963 (National Archives Identifier 542022)

Blogs about the Civil Rights Movement highlight the struggles, challenges, and successes of African Americans in achieving fair treatment and equal rights. The records used on this topic were mostly created by investigative agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) to monitor violations of the Civil Rights Act. The selected blogs relate to voting rights, protest, marches, and the murder of people fighting for justice.

9 February 2017 3:00 pm

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