While People Are Talking About Puerto Rico, What About the U.S Virgin Islands?

Written by Tiffany Tubman October 4, 2017         Two weeks ago, Hurricane Maria swept across the United States owned Islands of Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands were citizens of the United States live, work, and contribute to American culture. However, these victims of a hurricane, have not been treated like any […]


The “What About Black on Black Crime?” Deflection

Answering the main question of suspected white supremacists and those genuinely confused about racial identity.   Written by Tiffany Tubman October 2, 2017                     Today, the deadliest massacre to have ever taken place was carried out by White domestic terrorist, Stephen Paddock from Mesquite, NV, a […]


Understanding the 15 Religious Creeds of White Supremacy

An essay using the 15 Point Creed of White Supremacy to strategically destroy systematic global white supremacy.   Written by Tiffany Tubman September 28, 2017     In 1914 there was a book published called Race Orthodoxy in the South that listed a racial code, and this list is still applies today. The book was […]


Ball Games and White Supremacy: Decoding the Attacks of Donald Trump on Black Americans

  A comprehensive essay on the motive and cause of the attack of white supremacy and current leader Donald Trump on Black Athletes.   Written by Tiffany Tubman September 23, 2017   The latest attack on Black athletes has been brought to light by the National Anthem of the United States. The anthem, written at […]