Black NFL Player Who Claimed He “Don’t Like Black Girls”, Gets Called The N-Word By White Girlfriend

Former NFL player Albert Haynesworth, claimed in 2011 that he “doesn’t like Black girls” after a sexual abuse allegation from a Black waitress. During the investigation Haynesworth stated: I know what this is about, she is just upset I have a white girlfriend,” Haynesworth told police. “I couldn’t tell you the last time I dated […]


The Freedom Train and the Contagion of Liberty, 1947-1949

Today’s post is written by Dr. Greg Bradsher, Senior Archivist at the National Archives at College Park Late in 1946, Attorney General Tom Clark, concerned about the direction American life was taking in the wake of World War II, decided something dramatic was needed to increase public awareness of their heritage of freedom and the […]


Jason Stockley and The Government Sanctioned Genocide of Black Americans

A review of the Jason Stockley Race Soldier Case.   Written by Tiffany Tubman September 15, 2017   Today was another marking of the federally and state sanctioned genocide of Black Americans carried out by the race soldiers posing as police officers paid by our tax dollars. These race soldiers murder us with impunity and […]


White Privilege & Systemic Racism: Hitler Lover Receives Sympathy

Racist male wants to lynch all Black people and create a “master race” of white men and women By Kenny Anthony   Lawrence Burns, 23, member of white supremacist terrorist group National Action, ended up having his prison sentence reduced because the Court of Appeal decided that he was “not as racist as some of […]