ESPN Is Getting On Code With White Supremacy

A review of the situations involving Jemele Hill and ESPN.   Written by Tiffany Tubman September 14, 2017   The double standards of white supremacy have been known far too well for far too long by many Black folks that are “woke” or even paying attention to current events. We are at a point where […]


White Men & Fake Black Feminism: The Negro Bedwench Movement

Woman says that she’s an example for “Feminism” and its “evolution” by acting like a slave for her white husband By Kenny Anthony   Melanoid people should be very familiar with the exceedingly dangerous Bedwench archetype. Some of the most typical examples in mainstream media that we could easily point to would be Sage Steele, […]


Smoke, Mirrors, and DACA: The Real Deal with Trump Administration

An overview of the changes being quietly made under the Trump Administration under the surface of the controversies and overt racism we see. With a special focus on how DACA effects Melanoid People and what the Administration is doing to maintain power and avoid impeachment.   Written by Tiffany Tubman September 6, 2017   The […]


Hurricane Season Survival

An overview of the Terrorist Activities of the Alt-Right, focus on the Proud Boys, and Hurricane Season Survival/Rahowa Survival.   Written by Tiffany Tubman September 1, 2017   After Hurricane Harvey touched down the first time on Saturday, August 29, 2017, the Houston Texas area became a horrific situation, much worse than Hurricane Katrina in […]