Developmental Psychology of the Black Child Amos Wilson




Published on: 1st January 1970

Developmental Psychology of the Black Child

by Amos N. Wilson:

Review 1: As Dr. Wilson correctly observed, “In an oppressive society, the social institutions, of which the family is part and parcel, actually work against the oppressed.” That said, one must recognize that the oppressed mustn’t employ the same methods as the oppressor for building strong families and rearing productive children. In the Developmental Psychology of the Black Child, Dr. Wilson skillfully provides Black parents with the tools needed to produce the type of children needed for further the race.

Review 2: One of the most important studies on the psyche of our children. Clear analysis, straight and comparative along with a variety of ideas on how to raise Black children to become prodcutive additions to our African Nation.

Review 3: Bro. Amos Wilson was a person I saw on youtube and he just didn’t appeal to me. Sure enough i gave him a shot on a video some yrs later. This book is so informative on the development of our children and make you more keen an aware of the development of our children. Not only in terms of how they develop but how they are developing in front of our eyes!!!!!!

Read it 3x back to back!!!!!

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