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From Toussaint to Tupac: The Black International since the Age of Revolution


Published on: 26th March 2018

This title reclaims a cross-national, radical black consciousness. Transcending geographic and cultural lines, “”From Toussaint to Tupac”” is an ambitious collection of essays exploring black internationalism and its implications for a #blackconsciousness. At its core, black internationalism is a struggle against #oppression, whether manifested in #slavery, #colonialism, or #racism. The ten essays in this volume offer a comprehensive overview of the global movements that define black internationalism, from its origins in the colonial period to the present. “”From #Toussaint to #Tupac’ focuses on three moments in global #blackhistory: the American and #Haitian revolutions, the Garvey movement and the Communist International following World War I, and the Black Power movement of the late twentieth century. Contributors demonstrate how #blackinternationalism emerged and influenced events in particular localities, how participants in the various struggles communicated across natural and man-made boundaries, and how the black international aided resistance on the local level, creating a collective consciousness. In sharp contrast to studies that confine Black Power to particular national locales, this volume demonstrates the global reach and resonance of the movement. The volume concludes with a discussion of hip hop, including its cultural and ideological antecedents in #BlackPower.


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