Successful African American Men – From Childhood to Adulthood


Published on: 2nd January 2017

Successful African American Men – From Childhood to Adulthood:

Statistics emphasize that one out of every five men is incarcerated. The background experiences of dysfunctional black men are often explored while few studies focus on the motivating triggers for high achieving black men.
Successful African American Men: From Childhood to Adulthood is a unique study of the nurturing behavioral settings that high achieving black men used as adolescents and examines whether social capital played a role in helping them negotiate their way out of disadvantage. Equally important, is how these settings accommodated the men’s diversity, complexity, and the influence of black culture, and reconciled it to their ability to respond and cope with mainstream America.
This volume will be of interest to psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists and others interested in the rich diversity of experience found within communities of color.


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