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The Black Man’s Guide Out of Poverty: For Black Men Who Demand Better


Published on: 21st June 2019

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Came across this today ….I noticed that it is written by a white man… by the name of Aaron Clarey…. I haven’t read it….Download it and share your thoughts!!! –

“Black men suffer more than any other racial or sexual group in America. They have the lowest standards of living, shortest life expectancies, highest incarceration rates and suffer other sociological and economic ailments. However, for the past 50 years virtually NO PROGRESS has been made in improving the lives of black men. We have to admit what we’ve been trying has failed and black men have paid the price. And it’s time for that to change. Life is too short and too precious to live it under poverty, making only 67% of what white males do. Fathers and husbands are too important to be replaced by a government check, ruining families in the process. And futures too vital not to be lived to their full potential. If you’re a black man and have had enough and want more out of life then “The Black Man’s Guide Out of Poverty” is for you. Not just a book on “personal financial management,” “The Black Man’s Guide Out of Poverty” is specifically tailored towards the plight of black men. It addresses the sociological, economic, and political forces that hold them down. It shows you the path out of poverty. It lays out the road map towards a better life. And makes sure your one and finite life is a happy, well-lived one. Demand a better life than what politicians and society PERMIT you to have. Buy “The Black Man’s Guide Out of Poverty” and truly set yourself free.”



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