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Who Speaks for Africa?: Essays in Geopolitics and Political Economy by Muhammed Kamil


Published on: 5th April 2018


Author’s Preface
While appreciating the value of Africans studying geopolitics from the core Euro-American perspective, we must consider that without an African nationalist perspective we are not likely to optimally serve our interests.
Who Speaks for Africa?
,a collection of essays in geopolitics and political economy, attempts torepresent a consensual African perspective as indicated by the prevailing pattern of supranational cooperation and institutionaldevelopment.

I, in agreement with other mainstream Pan Africanists, see PanAfricanism as a practical means by which Africa may contribute to amore balanced world order in the course of improving its geo-strategic position; not an ultimate end in itself. This geo-strategic PanAfricanism, as first personified in the post-colonial Casablanca States alliance, which included Morocco, Ghana, Egypt, Guinea, Libya andMali, is not to be confused with the Afro-centrism that dwells on the racial concept of “Black Africa”. In the present era of globalization, where networking is a vital factor in power profiles, the concept of Global Africa seems an appropriate sequel to the Pan Africanism of the previous century; our new agenda of global penetration and networking for optimum potential realization, in tandem with AfricanUnion, embraces African unity, emphatically adding an assertive global interaction dimension.




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