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Only A Fool Would Let His Enemy Teach His Children – Malcolm X

The time for Black parents to take control of their children’s education is now! We must stop being fools…

If you still question whether an African-centered education is the best thing for Black children and the Black nation, consider these words from the great Dr Amos N. Wilson on the matter:

“Cultural continuity is maintained by educating children in the ways of their culture.

And they are educated in the ways of their culture to MAINTAIN their culture, to advance its interests, and ultimately to try to maintain its very survival.

That is the fundamental reason people are educated.

What does it matter if you learn physics and computer science and everything else and you cannot defend yourself against a military assault by Europeans or a germ warfare assault?

A knowledge of computer science, a knowledge of law, a knowledge of all of these other things matters not at all if you are unable to use that knowledge for your self defense.

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