Building Africa by Investing in the Continent- Starting with Learning a Native Language

More Black UK and African American citizens should learn languages native to Africa and, further, speak them to moderate or high fluency if they are to contribute to the growth of the continent and of themselves in investments targeting Africa. In recent times (as recent as August/September 2016), top entrepreneurs like Facebook co-founder and CEO […]


Has America Become More Racist Since Obama Went Into Office?

by Kristina Byas No one ever would have thought that the election of President Obama would lead to America becoming more racist. When Obama was elected as the 44th president, it was supposed to demonstrate the progress that our country has made with accepting diversity. While there was definitely progress made, racism in America has […]


School Never Taught Me About Great African Women!

In school the only thing I got taught about African women, is that they were enslaved and took to the Americas. I always got told that the greatest women of the African diaspora were singers, or actors, sports stars or sex symbols. They never told me about the African queen Nefertiti who ruled alongside Akhenaten […]


What Does It Mean To Have White Skin?

First, we must understand what White skin really means and who White people really are. In a nutshell Whites are mutated inbred albinos. Scientifically speaking biologists say that white skin is a result of adaptation to climate, but let’s pay close attention to that for a minute. When we think of an adaptation to something, […]

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