Conversations with the African Gods by Ezenwanyi NwaOnishe
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Conversations with the African Gods by Ezenwanyi NwaOnishe



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Osiris/Ausar (Ancient African King/Institutor of Divine Kingship & Cosmic Representative of the God Man): The iron smelts, it smelts, Osiris smelts the iron. And the day of purification, of alchemy, is here. A time of removing and distinguishing between the purified and the unpurified substance. Awakening isn’t going to be easy for many people. A lot of pain due to attachment. Your worldview will collapse in exchange for a purer and truer worldview, a worldview more aligned with the spirit of the race of god men/women. Awaken, or else it will be too heavy to bear the earth’s changes in terms of natural disasters, wars, climate changes and other bizarre events. It is only the beginning. A shift is occurring. A shift is now and we are turning the wheels, accelerating this process, making this happen.

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