Culture Bandits Volume 1 PDF by Del Jones Nana Kuntu
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Culture Bandits Volume 1 PDF by Del Jones Nana Kuntu



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What is Culture Bandits?

In this book, the author Del Jones goes into great detail about how black music has been stolen by others. This has happened all throughout history and continues to happen, not just with music but with black culture in many different fields, such as fashion, art etc.

Specifically, in this book, it highlights the blood, sweat and tears put into the music industry and how it benefits others more than it does us. We are the pioneers but the least paid, have the worse contracts and our work continues to be owned.

The term, “culture vulture” is not a new term, but a modern version of culture bandits. This book will give you a whole different perspective on the entertainment business and also what we must do in order to reap the benefits of our culture for ourselves.


Culture Bandits Volume 2 – Annihilation of African Images, goes into even more depth.





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