Customer Help

Customer Help

The Afrikan Library team is always here to assist.

Common purchase queries answered


How long does it take for me to receive my order?

If your payment has cleared with Paypal your download will be available immediately. If it is pending, it will be available once the funds clear.

How do I create an account?

You can create an account manually by registering or by checking out a free or purchased book. An account will automatically be created for you at checkout.

How do I track the status of my order?

Yes. If you make an order but it is held by Paypal we will be notified and your download will be ‘on hold’ until the payment clears. Once the payment clears, you will automatically be notified and your download will no longer show as ‘on hold’, it will now be ‘complete’.

Will you keep my credit card information on file?

No. When you checkout securely via Paypal, no sensitive information is ever shared with Afrikan Library. We do not have the power to charge, bill or store any such information. We only store what is necessary to serve you as our customer, email address, name, order information.

Do you ship to my country?

Our digital books can be received anywhere in the world – we do not ship physical books.

Our other products such as T-shirts and notebooks etc. will be processed by a third party. At checkout, you will be able to see whether they ship to you or not. For example, you will know if Amazon deliver in your country or not so will be unable to buy a notebook if not.

Will all of my downloads come in one file?

You will have the option to download them one by one (.PDF/.MP3), open in browser or select multiple/all and download in a .ZIP file.
Please ensure if you are downloading them as a batch in a .ZIP file that you have an extractor on your computer/tablet to handle the file.

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