Dirty Work 2: The CIA in Africa

Dirty Work 2: The CIA in Africa


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Review: This interesting book is a collection of chapters written by various authors about CIA activity in Africa from a decidedly anti-CIA point of view. The introduction is written by ex-CIA officer and author of Inside The Company (CIA diary) Philip Agee. There’s a very interesting chapter called Media Manipulation In #Angola by John Stockwell (ex-CIA operative in Angola) showing how the CIA planted stories in the western and African media. Chapters on links between #CIA and BOSS (#apartheid #southAfrican secret police), howCIA recruits and manipulates African academics and trade unions, British operations in #Africa, secret letters of the late Angolan Unita leader Jonas Savimbi, how the west supported Idi Amin of Uganda, a chapter by Seymour Hersh on the overthrow of #Ghana’s #KwameNkrumah and CIA involvement, assassination of #Mozambiques Eduardo Mondlane etc. and much more.


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