Guide for Aspirants Seeking Asaru – Temple Initiation by Muata Ashby

Guide for Aspirants Seeking Asaru – Temple Initiation by Muata Ashby


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This is a primer on initiatic science. Explains the journey of initiation and the levels of initiation, the reason for the need of having a preceptor and the qualities an aspirant needs to display in order to be qualified for Asaru initiation. What specific disciplines are to be practiced The Asaru initiation or Temple initiation is the level of initiation where an aspirant is given certain secret knowledge for activating the subtle body in order to discover higher planes of being and higher essence of Self. ANSWERS THE QUESTIONS: 1. Why Are there Three Main Levels of Initiation? And How do they relate to the levels of initiation and the levels of initiatic teachings that are imparted? 2. HOW TO UNDERSTAND THE RELATION BETWEEN THE LEVELS OF INITIATION, THE ROLE OF THE TEACHER DISCIPLE RELATIONSHIP AND THE GOAL OF INITIATION 3. WHAT IS THE RELATIVE VALUE OF THE SHEMS LEVEL OF INITIATION IN REFERENCE TO THE ASAR LEVEL AND WHY DOES THE TEMPLE USE A HIERARCHICAL STRUCTURE FOR DELIVERING THE TEACHINGS? 4. WHY IS THE DEMARCATION MADE BETWEEN THE SHEMS LEVEL AND ASARU LEVEL OF ASPIRANTS? 5. WHAT IS COMPASSION IN THE INITIATIC SCIENCES AND HOW DO SAGES APPLY IT WHEN HELPING ASPIRANTS ALONG ON THE INITIATIC PATH? 6. WHY IS IT IMPORTANT FOR SPIRITUAL TEACHERS TO NOT HELP PEOPLE BEYOND THEIR CAPACITY TO BE HELPED? 7. WHY ARE SOME SPECIAL “KEYS” TO UNLOCK CERTAIN MEDITATIVE DISCIPLINES AND PHILOSOPHICAL UNDERSTANDINGS REVEALED TO ASARU LEVEL ASPIRANTS AND NOT TO SHEMS LEVEL ASPIRANTS? 8. WHY IS THE ACCESS TO AN AUTHENTIC SPIRITUAL PRECEPTOR, AND A VIABLE INITIATIC PATH, IMPORTANT FOR POSITIVE SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT? 9. OBSTACLES TO BECOMING A QUALIFIED APPLICANT FOR ASAR INITIATION AND DISCIPLINES TO OVERCOME THEM 10. How to Overcome Failure on the Spiritual Path 11. OBSTACLES INCLUDE: 12. DISCIPLINES TO OVERCOME THE OBSTACLES INCLUDE: 13. What criteria are used to evaluate aspirants and how should aspirants conduct themselves in order to develop the qualities necessary for Asaru initiation?

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