Historical Deception The Untold Story Of Ancient Egypt

Historical Deception The Untold Story Of Ancient Egypt


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This book provides a fresh, exciting, and reader-friendly study of the Ancient Egyptian history, which has suffered and continues to suffer from ingrained prejudices. The book, therefore, brings to light:

A. Historical events that have been ignored by many Egyptologists because of the risk of contradicting popular religions.

Scholars have been unsuccessfully looking for historical evidence to support the biblical accounts of events and their major characters.

This book provides the evidence that these scholars continue to search in the wrong country and the wrong eras.

The facts presented in this book are simple, straightforward and stunning, showing that the major characters in the Bible were actually Egyptian Pharaohs, and not the enemies of Egypt.

B. The advanced level of the Ancient Egyptian civilization, such as: 
– The high status of women, which has not been equalled throughout history, even in present times. 
– The Egyptian spiritual roots of George Washington, Napoleon and Mozart. All these famous people were masons, whose rites, knowledge, and traditions originated in Ancient Egypt. 
– The Ancient Egyptian calendar – the most accurate ever–past and present. 
– Their medical knowledge about determining the sex of the unborn child. 
– Their knowledge and use of the different types of antibiotics. 
– Their superior medicine. A single prescription included as many as 35 different ingredients. 
– Their advanced knowledge in science, technology, metals and industry.



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