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Come and sell your digital books with us! We already have the audience and the platform!

There are two options for selling with us; one is to Sign Up as a for free as a vendor and upon each sale we would receive a 15% commission while you receive 85%.

The second option is to pay a product hosting fee in our store and have your “buy now” button link directly to your Amazon or own website to finalise the sale thus using our platform for marketing purposes only. This would be a one time fee of $20 and your book will be hosted indefinitely. 

You would have full control over your account and products as well as all uploads being automatically copy-protected and watermarked with the buyers email address.

If this is something you would be interested in we can get you set up right away.



Afrikan Library

Afrikan Library

The Afrikan Library Publisher. I love the rich history of our Ancient civilization and power. Considering the 'black race' has been subject to discrimination for years I am here to help shape the knowledge of our people by creating awareness and enlightenment through writing and blogging/vlogging. Let's do it!