Let’s Discuss feminism. “Black feminism” are you for, against, on the fence and most importantly why?

Let’s Discuss: #feminism. “Black feminism” are you for, against, on the fence and most importantly why?
@mi*******on: Feminism is extreme and detrimental to the family structure. Rape and sexual assault is wrong. Period. Doesn’t take a feminist to know thats wrong.

@ju********er: Word ^ it’s sole purpose is to divide us.

@ta********et: This is not true at all, black feminists supported their cause and advocates on behalf of the victims, our sisters even when no one else was talking about it. Black feminism does not just function in relation to the black man, it’s misogynist to even assume that.

@sp************in: Feminism is yet another tool of the pale devil to destroy the black family. The bulk of these “equal rights” movements are. Got brothers prancing round in heels and shit. #BurnBabylon

@ta********et: The system we live in is not just racist, it is patriarchal, misogynist, and sexist. Therefore to say that feminism is divisive to the black community (which it is not) is to have a misunderstanding of the fact that in order for people of color to be liberated, women too must be liberated.

@te*****_****an: @taliamonet u missing the point. The fact that u had to say black feminist supported and not just say feminist supported makes this post accurate. The black feminist didnt support because they were feminist they supported because they were black….

@t.*.*.o: Feminism is garbage

@mo****************ss: I have to strongly disagree with this. They didn’t receive support on who’s account? The media?

@ta******et: @te****_****an no the point is that this is bullshit and I can name 5 black feminists off hand who did support this because they were black and feminist. The fact that I say black feminist is because black women are typically excluded from general discussions of feminism because it is a space dominated by white women who disregarded this issue completely.

@ju***_***es: Feminism is wrong for the black family. Its against everything we need as a community.

@ta********et: @tewolde_berhan you are a black man.. You have no idea of how intersectionality functions clearly which is evident in your faulty assumption that just the black part of me and not the woman part of me as a black feminist, or better yet womanist, empathizes with the victims of the Danial Hotzclaw case.

@th*********va: This post was originally about WHITE feminism. Cause WHITE feminists were too busy harassing Ayesha Curry but had NO outrage at this. BLACK feminists… I don’t see to many BLACK feminists. Honestly I think Black feminism isn’t all that much needed in the Black community because Black men tend to realize and actually admire the power of a Black woman. Where I do feel like Black “feminism” needs to come into play in to change these patriarchal, misogynistic views that they GAINED not just from “the White man” but also “the White man’s” treatment of the Black woman.

@ta******et: Your first point does nothing to support your next point.. I don’t get to turn off my womanhood to acknowledge that I’m black first on certain occasions and it is privilege to assume so. I’m black and a woman all the goddamn time, that’s what it is to be a black woman. There is no chronological order in which those two things can be evaluated. They are forever and simultaneously parts of my identity.

@ju********er: I agree I think you missed the point. And if feminism was a real benefit it would be a benefit as feminism not “black feminism” suggesting we have a war with our men. It would/should be against the system (white men) but isn’t backed by women all over…

@ta******et: Black feminism does not suggest that we have a war with our men, black feminism is in direct opposition to patriarchy overall but is a group of dedicated, educated, resilient black women who are generally left out of discussions of mainstream feminism. @ju********er and patriarchy and misogyny are not just demonstrated by white men they are also very much so perpetuated by black men. And because we love our black men we cannot allow that to go unchecked.

@in********ht: If we think feminism is the problem then clearly we haven’t understood how the system works. There are levels of privilege and levels of oppression intersecting in all the angles of ones social status, this including gender, class, race and more.. it really breaks my hurt when black men can see their own oppression based on their social status but not try to look even further and see WHY the black women’s oppression goes beyond race by including her gender. THIS is what is harming our togetherness, the lack or disinterest in trying to understand the complexity of individual oppression…. I hope we all do better than this. Sincerely, “a-threat-to-the -black-family”aka a black feminist.

@ju*******er: It’s because we love our men why it can’t go unchecked. I don’t buy that at all and from what I have seen this is not the case by any means. Our struggle was never with out men. Now we have adopted western ideologies BOTH black men and women need healing both are failing each other in regards to the black family and I don’t feel….from what I have seen black feminism has made that any better and it does come across very anti-black men. Now in regards to the original post… I see black feminist fighting “all” feminist battles and being backed up by NOBODY on their own battles. So white feminists have the numbers because “all women matter” but not the black ones. I’m sure the original post was targeting that notion… But I’m still not for black feminism either again based on what I have seen … our struggles are similar yet they want to divide and create problems in and out of the familial structure. Correct me if I am wrong but aren’t most black feminists single anyway…might be my ignorance talking.
+ While our men get effeminized and taken out of the home our women get promoted to be the men. People can’t see that as a tool of destruction?
@on*****le: The two do not have to oppose eachother…some women do use it as a way to fight against the family unit..that is their prerogative..though I find it can strengthen the family unit. Without feminism women wouldn’t have the opportunities we have now such as access to education..ability to work in any job and become entrepreneurs etc ..women wouldn’t be able to voice their opinions in society as we can now (although the battle is ongoing) Educational and work opportunities enable me to work with my partner to build a financially strong household where we can raise our future children with stability…though i never negate my partners role as a man. Part of the black struggle is social and economic mobility..the avenues created by feminism can help minimise the gap.
@ka******er: Ask yourself when did feminism start? Were the women of the Mali empire feminists? Then ask yourself who has propagated it and who does it ultimately benefit?
@ni*_***93: @on****le I agree it’s mainly mainstream feminism that messes up the family structure and attacks men. And that’s true us women wouldn’t be allowed to have an opinion or do anything except sit at home quiet all day and birth babies if it wasn’t for the pioneers in the women’s right movement.
+ I also understand where feminists come from when comes to sexist statements like ” you wouldn’t get raped if you dresses modestly” or “you’re a woman you have no say” empowering women to be great= I support, mainstream feminism=not really
@is***_***ah: You always get one dumb ass chic that tries to defend that bullshit. And what is gender equality? So that means a woman pays child support to if the man and woman cant deal their own social equality? Yall want to do heavy duty construction or you just need it to be a flagman telling cars when to go and stop? Excatly what is gender equality?

@ar***_the_******er: Alot of cognitive dissonance in most of these responds about wanting the black family back together. Its all based on nostalgia, people refuse to want to learn anything new so they want it to go back to something easier, less effort, less understanding needed. I’m still a bit surprised that the suffering of a few black women have again been used to push black men issues when that’s already been addressed in so many other ways. The black woman suffers silently and suffers the most out of all of this. People seem to have a hard to grasping a basic idea of equality i.e “feminism” and even more specifically black feminism. Of course people are gonna go against it when it requires some effort to learn to change and be better people. Yes, people take it and turn it into pure shut sometimes but its on you to know the base idea and purpose of it.

@da*******iii: Lol it’s so crazy how the lil toddler dick white man has screwed us up over here on this continent. The original family structure Our family structure was Based around the Black/Melanited Women/Wombman. Our culture originally stipulates that as Wombman and mothers we are a Pivotal and Very Valuable part of the family structure. Thats why when marrying the Groom was required to pay a brides price to the family because that household was loosing a very valuable piece of the puzzle to a successful unit. Lol white men never gave a shid about white woman and the roll they played in their society. They were too busy having sex with each other and the little boys. Feminists only came about to help white woman get attention from their selfish self centered men and they have always used their agendas to further drive a wedge between the Original Wombman and Man. Black/Melanited men know what’s up we just have to get back to our Original selfs before we got infiltrated by these animals.
@se*******60: I’m kinda on the fence about patriarchy.. As a woman, I have no desire to “equal” to a man. I don’t mind him being the “head” if you will. However, I will not be disrespected or treated as anything less than a person meaning that I will a voice and will not be excluded as the definition states. I’m also on the fence about this “strong black woman” ideology. No disrespect to them because I guess I could be classified as one but what’s wrong with wanting a man to be what men were made to be? The effeminization of black men was done purposely as stated in the willie lynch letter (page 2 I think) to put the women in front as the strong entity and make the men weak by beating and degrading them right in front of the women. Does the “strong black woman” play a role in continuing this cycle? Idk, I digress. However, I’m glad that that jerk was found guilty of his crimes toward women. As far as feminism, I applaud their work for equality but I have seen women use that label to be sexually free without judgement. Not judging anyone because that’s not my purpose, I just have no desire to dress scantily clad or have as many sexual partners as some men tend to have.

@la***_*****sh: @ser******60 touched on some good points. Here is mines. What real black men want real black women to see is that if for not the castration of black life both male and female by the forces of white supremacy none of us would be dealing with these issues that causes us to point the finger at one another. White feminist don’t attack white men because it’s set up that way that they don’t due to white men running their own family and economic structure it behooves the white women to attack the many resources that she is afforded that the white man has created. Look at all these Fortune 500 companies and media outlets that are run by white filthy rich men. Meanwhile the black man has been stripped of his culture, religion and natural resources to provide and teach thus creating a gap in leadership to take away his natural place as a leader. Real black men just want to be good leaders and providers so we can have strong families and produce amazing offspring with are equals black women. But nah that’s a national security threat to white supremacy.