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Imagine mastering the art of navigating both the street and corporate realms with ease, adapting swiftly, and never getting cornered. This book is your guide to doing just that. Building on Robert Greene’s mega-hit, The 48 Laws of Power, this collaboration with rapper 50 Cent takes you through what it really means to hold power in today’s flipped-over world.

If you’re after a raw and real blueprint for gaining an edge in life, look no further. The blend of street smarts from gangsters and artists combined with 50 Cent’s sharp business acumen boils down to the ‘Laws of 50’ – your playbook for outsmarting life’s challenges.

You’ll learn how to be a strategic thinker and a true realist. Whether it’s climbing the career ladder or winning at your own game, this audiobook equips you with tactics not just to survive but thrive – in business and beyond.

So, if you’re someone looking to get ahead without losing yourself, this is for you. It’s more than advice; it’s about claiming success on your own terms. Get ready to listen and transform how you handle power – every day, everywhere.


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