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What’s Inside This Poetry Anthology?

You’re about to experience a bold collection of poetry that casts a new light on African American men, breaking away from the negative stereotypes that often dominate media narratives. Crafted with care and insight, “Adam of Ife: Black Women in Praise of Black Men” is a celebration of African American males through the voices and verses of 55 talented African American women poets.

The Structure You’ll Navigate

Dive into eight distinct sections: “Fathers,” “Brothers, Sons and Other Youth,” “Lovers,” “Street Scene,” “Beacons,” “Music-Makers,” “In Light and Shadow,” and “In This Sad Place.” Each category sheds light on the different roles played by black men in society – as caregivers, inspirations, artists, and much more. These parts are thoughtfully introduced with four portraits by Carl Owens, setting the stage for the poems that follow.

Why It Matters

This anthology isn’t just another book; it’s an essential read that provides education through artistry. The title itself holds weight – referencing Ife, a city steeped in Nigerian legend as humanity’s origin point – signaling the book’s deep respect for history and heritage.

Who Should Read This Book?

Whether you’re someone who appreciates poetry, an advocate for social justice, or simply looking to see African American men portrayed in an uplifting and truthful manner, this compilation will resonate with you. It’s not just about enjoying literature; it’s about understanding varied human experiences through powerful words.

Pick up your copy today, either as an eBook or audiobook directly from AfrikanLibrary.Net or find a physical copy via Amazon to immerse yourself in this compelling poetic journey.

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