African Americans at War An Encyclopedia (PDF Download)



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The Untold Valor of African American Heroes

You’re about to immerse yourself in a powerful narrative that honors the valor and dedication of African American heroes who have served in the U.S. military. With over 250 entries, this book provides an A–Z exploration of individuals, pivotal moments, and key themes that have shaped the role of African Americans in the nation’s armed forces.

A Journey Through History

This isn’t just another history book; it’s a comprehensive chronicle that traces black contributions from Colonial America to present day. You’ll find a detailed timeline marking crucial events and achievements that have often been overlooked or forgotten.

Rare Insights and Visuals

Dive into a collection enriched with over 100 illustrations, offering you visual context to the stories and facts presented. The curated list of websites further opens doors to historical resources specifically significant for African Americans in the military.

An Essential Resource

Whether you’re a researcher, student, or simply someone who values untold stories, this book is crafted for you. It stands as both an educational tool and a beacon of inspiration, highlighted by a thematic bibliography that beckons further exploration into black military history.

Connect with Heritage and Legacy

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If you thirst for knowledge about the unsung heroes who’ve fought for freedom while facing adversity, let this book quench it. This is more than just reading; it’s an act of reclaiming heritage and honoring legacy.

This title is available as an ebook. For those who prefer holding history in their hands, a hardcopy is also available on Amazon:

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