Africans in Colonial Mexico Absolutism Christianity and Afro-Creole Consciousness 1570-1640 Blacks in the Diaspora (PDF Download)



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About the Book

You’re peering into a volume that serves as a profound analysis of identities forged in the crucible of Colonial Mexico, where the presence of Africans—both enslaved and free—played a pivotal role. “Africans in Colonial Mexico” is not just another historical recount; it’s an exploration of survival and adaptation under Spanish and Roman Catholic dominance.

What You’ll Explore

In this narrative, you’ll traverse through secular and ecclesiastical court records to uncover how Africans navigated the tightrope between subjugation and autonomy. You’ll witness the resilience with which they contended with government regulation, Church oversight, Inquisition impacts, marriage legality, and their standing as Christian subjects.

From legal battles to cultural negotiations, this book is a testament to the dynamic nature of African identities in the Atlantic world. It chronicles their adept use of available psychological resources to endure forced displacement and systemic oppression.

Who Should Read This?

If your interest lies at the intersection of history, law, identity politics, or if you’re simply captivated by stories of human endurance against all odds, this work will resonate with you. Scholars, students, or anyone keen on understanding how marginalized communities have shaped their destinies within rigid frameworks will find value in these pages.

This book doesn’t just present facts; it breathes life into them. So step inside—you’ll emerge more informed about a chapter of history that continues to inform our present-day experiences.

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