Afrikan People and European Holidays A Mental Genocide – Book 1: (PDF Download)



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A Critical Look at European Celebrations

Imagine flipping through a history book, and instead of the usual heroic tales, you find a raw critique of Europe’s most prominent holidays. You’re holding a book that does just that. It examines the holidays we mark on our calendars, but with a lens focused on historical accuracy and cultural sensitivity. From Christmas to Columbus Day, every major holiday is put under scrutiny to reveal their origins and impacts on indigenous populations.

The Untold Impact on Indigenous Cultures

This isn’t your typical historical rundown. As you flip through these pages, you’ll encounter an unfiltered analysis of how celebrations were established upon the atrocities committed against native peoples. The narrative doesn’t shy away from discussing the genocidal practices that served as foundations for festivities now ingrained in modern society.

The African Perspective

You might wonder where African history fits into this. Well, it’s right at the heart of it. The book brings to light how people of African descent are inadvertently honoring the legacies of those who once enslaved their ancestors by participating in these holidays. It’s an eye-opening perspective that asks us to question whom we are celebrating and why.

A Call for Cultural Reclamation

If you find yourself questioning mainstream narratives or if you’re keen on understanding the true impact of historical events on different cultures, this book is for you. It urges indigenous communities and allies alike to acknowledge past wrongs by establishing and embracing their own commemorative traditions—celebrating victories and heritages rather than glorifying oppressive histories.

This book is more than just a read; it’s an invitation to rethink tradition, to learn about the often glossed-over effects of colonization, and to stand in solidarity with communities whose stories have been overshadowed by celebratory fireworks and festive parades. If you’re ready for a perspective shift, eager to expand your knowledge base, or are part of or support indigenous communities seeking validation and truth, this book belongs in your hands.

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