An Introduction to Akan (PDF Download)



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Dive Right into Akan

You’re right here because you want to speak Akan, and this book is your ticket in. Picture this: you start with the basics, picking up phrases and vocabulary that are essential. You’re not just learning words; you’re learning how to make them come alive in conversations.

This book centers on the Asante dialect of Akan. It’s a practical guide, sliced into twenty bite-sized units. Each unit is a mix of English and Asante dialogue, exercises for solo or group study, clear grammar explanations, and a handy vocabulary list.

Building Blocks of Akan

Before you jump in, there’s a rundown of the Akan alphabet and pronunciation—the foundation. It’s straightforward and will have you pronouncing words like a native in no time.

Grammar and Beyond

You’ve got appendices that dive deeper into verb intonations—both primary and secondary—and give you the nitty-gritty on conjunctions. This isn’t just rote learning; it’s about understanding how the language works.

Who Should Buy This Book?

If you’re starting from scratch or looking to improve your basic Akan skills, this book is for you. Whether for travel, work, or personal satisfaction, if Akan is on your radar, this guide is your best friend.

The Ultimate Reference Guide

Wrap it all up with an English-Akan vocabulary section. It’s more than just a reference; it’s your go-to for quick checks as you master Akan.

Why wait? Your journey to speaking Akan begins now. Grab this book and let’s get talking!

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