Between Self-Determination and Dependency (PDF Download)



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What You’re Holding: A Political Chronicle

You’ve got a book in your hands that’s all about Jamaica’s external relations rollercoaster from ’72 to ’89. It’s a time when the country tried to steer its own course, but got caught in global currents that kind of nudged it along a path it didn’t fully pick.

Inside the Pages: Autonomy vs. Dependency

Jamaica’s balancing act is at the heart of this narrative. On one side, there’s this vision for self-driven progress and on the other, there’s an international playbook saying, “Not so fast.” The book lays out how global forces played spoiler to Jamaica’s bold dreams.

The Political Dance

It wasn’t for lack of trying. The People’s National Party threw down with some radical nationalism while the Jamaica Labour Party tried to play nice (‘accommodationist’ is the fancy term). But neither strategy really cracked the code on shaking off those dependency vibes.

Why This Book Matters To You

If you’re into geopolitics or just want to understand why small countries often have their hands tied on the world stage, this is your read. It’s a slice of history told with clarity—no jargon-heavy snooze fest here.

This Book Is For You If…

You’re a student of international relations, a history buff zeroing in on Caribbean politics, or just someone who likes to get why countries do what they do. It doesn’t matter if you’re chilling at home or cramming for an exam; this book will lay it out straight—no fluff.

Numbers don’t lie: 239 pages packed with insights from 1972-1989.

Date stamp: Fresh from the year 2000, but still super relevant.

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