Black Women in Antiquity Ivan Van Sertim (PDF Download)



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Step into the Realm of Ancient Black Royalty

Immerse yourself in a book that brings to light the mighty black queens, madonnas, and goddesses who shaped our early civilizations. You’re about to explore the rich tapestry of history as it was woven by influential women from Ethiopia and Egypt. While these regions anchor our narrative due to their well-documented histories, the impact of these figures extends far beyond African borders, deeply etched into the psyche and mythology of Europe.

The journey through this book is neatly organized into three compelling sections: “Ethiopia and Egyptian Queens and Goddesses“, “Black Women in Ancient Art”, and “Conquerors and Courtesans”. Plus, this edition introduces you to two riveting new chapters—one on Hypatia, shedding light on women’s rights in ancient Egypt, and another on the spread of Isis worship across Europe, tracing how an African goddess influenced Nile Valley civilizations before reaching European shores.

If you have a thirst for knowledge about pivotal figures in our prehistory or if you’re simply fascinated by the stories of powerful women who commanded nations, led spiritual practices, and inspired art—this is your read. “Black Women in Antiquity” offers a captivating narrative that fills gaps left wide open by mainstream historical accounts. It’s perfect for scholars, enthusiasts, or anyone keen on understanding how these formidable women contributed to shaping human civilization.

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