Breaking the Chains of Psychological Slavery by Na’im Akbar(PDF Download)


Breaking the Chains of Psychological


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Break Free from Mental Shackles

In one of the most insightful books you’ll encounter, Dr. Na’im Akbar confronts pressing questions that have long stirred the minds of African Americans. Are you still bound by mental chains that date back to slavery? Why is unity so elusive within Black communities? How does envisioning a white deity impact both Black and White psyches?

You’ll explore these topics and more, guided by a leading authority on the African American psyche. Dr. Akbar’s expertise brings clarity to how historical perceptions continue to shape contemporary thought.

A Must-Read for Self-Empowerment

If you’re seeking understanding and strategies to empower your mindset, this book speaks directly to you. It’s not just about posing critical questions; it’s about offering insights that could spark a personal revolution.

It walks you through the necessity of reimagining identity and reclaiming autonomy in thought. This is crucial reading for anyone ready to challenge their cognitive conditioning and step into a future unbounded by past oppressions.

For Whom Does This Bell Toll?

Whether you identify with the struggles presented or simply wish to understand them better, this book is an invaluable resource. Educators, students, psychologists, social activists—or any reader committed to psychological liberation—will find this work indispensable.

Embrace knowledge, break through old barriers, and reshape your world view with Dr. Akbar’s profound guidance. Your journey toward mental emancipation starts here.

Stripped of fluff, filled with substance—this book awaits those determined to see through a new lens.

Discover your copy in our comprehensive 100 eBook Afrikan Enlightenment Book Set or grab the tangible connection with the paperback version—a testament to freedom at your fingertips.

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