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Discover Natural Health Alternatives

You’re on the hunt for better health, right? Well, dive into this book and you’ll find a treasure trove of natural remedies that could be just what you’ve been searching for. Picture this: solutions for your health concerns that align with a lifestyle focused on wellness without relying solely on pills or procedures.

The brains behind this goldmine? Sherry Torkos, one of Canada’s top pharmacists and a trusted name when it comes to holistic health. She’s packed The Canadian Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine with cutting-edge info on how to tackle everything from pesky bug bites to managing diabetes naturally.

What’s Inside?

This isn’t just another health book. It’s your A-to-Z guide to healing – think of it as the friend who always has the best home remedy up their sleeve. We’re talking about an easy-to-use format that gets you straight to the point: find your ailment, discover natural treatments, and understand how they interact with other meds you might be taking.

  • Easily look up conditions with a handy A-to-Z layout
  • Fresh research, breakthrough treatments, and essential stats keep you in the know
  • Authored by a holistic pharmacist doubling as a fitness guru – she knows her stuff!

If personalizing your path to wellness sounds good to you (or your family), then The Canadian Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, Second Edition is your go-to guide. It’s up-to-date, reliable, and ready to help revolutionize your approach to health.

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