Christopher Columbus and the Afrikan Ho (PDF Download)



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Get to the Heart of a World-Altering Tragedy

You’re about to step into the pages of “Christopher Columbus and the Afrikan Holocaust” – a book that doesn’t just recount history, it corrects it. Here lies an analytical journey spearheaded by Dr. John Henrik Clarke, a voice that demands to be heard amidst a cacophony of historical distortion.

A Truth Too Long Obscured

This isn’t your typical historical recapitulation. It’s an awakening to the staggering scale of atrocities committed during and after Columbus’s voyages. Dr. Clarke peels back layers of misinformation, revealing how these events initiated centuries of exploitation and gave rise to modern white supremacy.

You should buy this book if you thirst for a narrative that honors truth over comfort, one that acknowledges over 60 million lives lost but not forgotten. This work is not just about looking back; it’s about understanding the continuum of history and its enduring impacts.

An Unflinching Examination

Dr. Clarke dismantles Eurocentric narratives that have exalted figures like Columbus while burying the real stories of African civilizations – their robustness before invasion and their resilience in face of unimaginable hardship.

For those who seek more than surface-level facts, who yearn for an authentic account from an African-centered perspective, this text will serve as both compass and map.

Who Should Dive Into These Pages?

Whether you’re a dedicated scholar, an advocate for social justice, or someone who simply values unaltered history, this book is your call to action. It’s for those ready to confront uncomfortable realities and join in acknowledging a past too significant to be left untold.

In Praise of Clarity

Endorsed by voices like Dr. Edward Scobie, who recognized Dr. Clarke’s meticulous documentation of “the greatest single crime in the world,” this book stands as evidence against genocide – indisputably unmatched in cruelty and scope.

If your library lacks this critical examination of history from an African-centric lens – if you’re seeking clarity on how past injustices shape our present – make space on your virtual shelf for “Christopher Columbus and the Afrikan Holocaust.” This isn’t just another chronicle; it’s enlightenment on paper.

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