Color and Money How Rich White Kids Are Winning (PDF Download)


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Inside the Battle for College Admissions

You’re about to step into the heated arena of affirmative action in college admissions, guided by Peter Schmidt, a seasoned journalist with an eye for the hidden and a knack for truth-telling. This book is more than just an exposé; it’s a wake-up call that will ripple through your understanding of social justice and equality.

The Real Agenda
Imagine peeling back the curtain on the higher education debate, where you’ll find out how some advocates for equality inadvertently sideline students from low-income backgrounds. And it’s not just one side doing this—both sides are playing this risky game.

Lies, Favoritism, and Cynicism
You’ll see how colleges manipulate affirmative action policies, not always to foster diversity but sometimes to polish their own image and woo financial backers. It’s a story of favoritism where wealth can skew the scales of opportunity, leaving behind those who need support most.

A Tool Turned Token
Affirmative action began as a noble endeavor, but has it been co-opted? Learn how what started as a ladder to equalize education has turned into something colleges use to market themselves, often at the expense of authentic diversity.

The Forgotten Majority
It’s not just about race; it’s also about class. The struggle over affirmative action overlooks countless qualified students from all racial backgrounds who lack deep pockets or connections—students whose potential is overlooked amid the clamor for “diversity” and profits.

This book isn’t just for policy wonks or education experts—it’s for anyone concerned with fairness in education. Whether you’re a student facing the admissions process, a parent puzzled by shifting admission trends, or simply someone invested in equity and justice—you’ll find value in these pages.

You should pick up this book because it doesn’t shy away from uncomfortable truths. It spotlights institutions like Harvard and Princeton with unflinching courage. Consider this an invitation to join a critical national conversation about class, race, and education—one that could reshape our approach to college admissions forever.

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