Creole Transformation from Sla (PDF Download)




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Step into the Virgin Islands’ Past

You’re about to enter a world that’s been hidden in plain sight. This book isn’t just a history lesson; it’s a time machine to the Virgin Islands, revealing the life of a unique black community that broke free from the shackles of slavery decades before the official Emancipation Proclamation in 1848.

A Different Angle on African Diaspora

Douglas Armstrong doesn’t just tell a story; he paints a vibrant picture of diversity and outcomes within the African Diaspora. You’ll feel like you’re walking alongside these pioneering individuals as they forge their path to freedom.

Why This Book is Unmissable

If you’re keen on understanding the roots and resilience of black communities, this is your read. It’s more than facts and dates; it’s about people, their struggles, and their triumphs. Historians, students, or anyone with an interest in cultural heritage will find value here.

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