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Step into the World of Fela Kuti with “Fela: Kalakuta Notes”


Imagine you’re witnessing the rise of Afrobeat and its most iconic figure, Fela Kuti. In “Fela: Kalakuta Notes,” you get an intimate glimpse into the life of a musical revolutionary. Fela Kuti, a name that resonates with defiance and rhythm, brought African music to the forefront through his artistry and activism.

Authored by John Collins, a British/Ghanaian musician who not only met but collaborated with Fela, this book is more than just a biography—it’s a historical journal peppered with personal anecdotes, interviews, and insights from those who knew him best.

A Diary Turned Historical Chronicle

Within these pages lies Collins’ diary from 1977 during his time on set for Fela’s film “Black President.” It’s raw. It’s real. It pulls back the curtain on the world of this Afrobeat legend.

An Expanded Edition for Context and Reflection

This second edition doesn’t just rehash old stories—it adds layers. Collins enhances your understanding of African popular music in the ’60s and shows how it shaped Fela’s sound and politics. The new chapter? It serves as an epilogue that celebrates Fela’s enduring influence on music and culture.

Why You Should Add This Book to Your Collection

If you’re someone who thrives on authentic narratives or if you’re a fan looking to walk alongside an icon like Fela Kuti, then this book is for you. Not only will you gain perspective on his life, but also on the movement he spurred—one that continues to echo through generations.

“Fela: Kalakuta Notes” isn’t just about reading history; it’s about feeling it pulse through every page. So why wait? Immerse yourself in the beats, bravery, and brilliance of Fela Kuti today.


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