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What You’re Getting Into

You’re getting your hands on a bridge between worlds – a comprehensive dictionary that brings Hausa and English speakers together. With its 483 pages of linguistic gold, you’ll gain the ability to navigate through both languages with fluency and precision.

What’s Inside?

Think of this book as your key to unlocking 18,000 entries and over 40,000 definitions. You won’t just find words; you’ll explore modern terms that resonate in today’s fast-paced world. From tech jargon like ‘computerization’ and ‘telecommunications’ to the domain of international politics, law, and global economies – it’s all covered.

Who Needs This?

If you speak Hausa or English – whether you’re schooling, wheeling-dealing in business ventures, or hopping across tourist sights – this dictionary is your trusty sidekick. For those with a keen interest in one of sub-Saharan Africa’s most widely spoken tongues, Hausa, this reference is invaluable. It’s perfect for anyone looking to strengthen their command of either language.

In short: If words are your bread and butter or just a budding passion — this dictionary is for you. It’s not just any other book; it’s a cultural handshake that welcomes students, professionals, travelers from Nigeria, Niger, and beyond who wish to thrive in these languages.

Published back in ’96 with an impressive spread of content — rest assured; you’re investing in quality knowledge rooted in years of linguistic research. So go ahead, flip through those pages — each one is a step towards linguistic mastery.

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