Historical Dictionary of Nigeria by Toyin Falola (PDF Download)




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Explore Nigeria’s Dynamic History

If you’re keen on understanding a nation that has been a focal point in Africa since 1960, the Historical Dictionary of Nigeria is your go-to resource. Nigeria’s journey from post-independence to its current state is nothing short of remarkable, with its tales of political shifts, economic challenges, and social issues like health crises and civil unrest.

This book isn’t just about historical dates and figures; it’s a window into how modern-day issues such as HIV/AIDS, human rights debates, oil wealth, and religious conflicts shape Nigeria. It casts light not only on internal affairs but also on Nigeria’s interactions with its West African neighbors and roles within key global organizations including the African Union (AU), the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), and the United Nations (UN).

Authored by Toyin Falola and Ann Genova, this dictionary doesn’t just scratch the surface. You’ll find over 500 entries meticulously cross-referenced to guide you through notable personalities, definitive events, cultural rites, and pivotal developments especially post-1990s.

Who Should Read This Book?

This comprehensive guide is perfect if you’re a scholar needing an authoritative reference or simply someone fascinated by Nigerian culture and history. Whether you’re studying for academic purposes or satisfying personal curiosity about this West African powerhouse, it offers up-to-date content in an accessible format.

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