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Step Inside the History of the Middle Passage

Imagine opening a book and sailing through time to experience the harrowing journey across the Atlantic that millions of enslaved Africans faced. That’s what you get with the “History Encyclopedia of the Middle Passage (Greenwood Milestones in African American History)”.

This volume is your authoritative guide on this dark chapter of history, presenting 226 meticulously researched entries. Each piece offers you a fresh perspective, from the economics behind slavery to personal stories of resilience and resistance.

A Comprehensive Guide for Learners and Scholars

Whether you’re a high school student needing to nail a history assignment, a college undergrad exploring African American history, or just an avid learner, this encyclopedia has something for everyone. It doesn’t just list facts; it brings them to life through compelling narratives and insightful analysis.

Eye-opening illustrations, an extensive bibliography, and a helpful chronology put everything into context, making complex topics accessible. You’ll find yourself equipped not only for academic projects but also for meaningful discussions on race and history.

Why This Book Belongs On Your Shelf

If films like “Amistad” or documentaries about the Middle Passage have ever moved you, this encyclopedia will deepen your understanding. From entries on abolitionism to the impact of religion on slave life, it covers all bases. After each entry, recommended readings point you toward even more knowledge.

This isn’t just another reference book; it’s an invitation to understand a pivotal era in human history. With no stone left unturned, it stands as an essential resource on the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

So if you’re ready to explore critical themes such as resistance aboard slave ships or how female slaves endured unique hardships—this is your go-to source.

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