Modern Akan A concise introduction to the Akuapem Fanti and (PDF Download)



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Master Akan with This Handy Language Guide

If you’re setting off to Ghana or just keen on expanding your linguistic skills, I’ve got just the thing for you. Modern Akan is your go-to resource for learning the essentials of a language spoken by millions. Say goodbye to communication barriers and hello to new friendships with this straightforward guide.

What’s Inside?

This book isn’t about fluff; it gets straight to the point with a focused grammar section designed for both readers and writers of Akan. You’ll find phrases perfect for breaking the ice and warming up conversations. And don’t worry about pronunciation – there’s a guide included that covers everything from Asante Twi to Fanti.

Who Should Buy This Book?

You should grab this book if you’re:

  • Eager to navigate Ghana like a local.
  • Looking to connect with new people through their native tongue.
  • A student of languages craving a fresh challenge.
  • Intrigued by African languages and culture.

The Modern Akan guide utilizes a simplified spelling system that makes grasping different dialects of spoken Akan manageable and enjoyable. Whether you want to learn Twi, Fanti, or Akuapem, this book has got you covered.

Dive Into Modern Akan Today

Ready to embark on your language learning journey? If your answer’s a resounding “Yes!”, then don’t hesitate. Excellent for travelers, cultural enthusiasts, and anyone interested in African languages, Modern Akan is waiting to be your companion on this exciting adventure.

To get the ebook or audiobook, head over to AfrikanLibrary.Net. And if you prefer flipping through physical pages, Amazon’s got you covered—just search away!


Your gateway to mastering Akan awaits! Don’t miss out on connecting with one of Africa’s vibrant cultures through its own words.

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