Mutwa Credo Africa’s Hidden History The Reptilian Agenda (PDF Download)



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Introducing the Revelations of Credo Mutwa

Imagine a Zulu shaman from South Africa, Credo Mutwa, confirming tales of reptilian extraterrestrials in Africa—stories that echo around the world. I’m about to take you into the heart of this narrative where ancient encounters with these beings are recounted not as myth, but as hidden chapters of Earth’s history.

Reptilians: Myths Across Cultures

You’ll journey through global cultures—Australia’s Aborigines, Japan, Taiwan, and Native American tribes like the Mayans and Sioux—where these interactions are well-known. Even the Hopi Kachina reflects an understanding of extraterrestrial presence. Meanwhile, Western authorities stand alone in their official denial.

The Chitauri Influence

In his discussion with Rick Martin, Credo sheds light on life manipulated by negative entities called “Chitauri”—the dictators who covertly dictate our lives. He recounts how these beings descended upon Earth in vessels that roared across the sky, masquerading as deities to the unwitting humans below.

A History Shrouded in Mystery

These beings, resembling humans but taller and with tails and fierce eyes—some yellow with two eyes; others with three—bestowed so-called ‘gifts’ upon humanity. But at what cost? Religions might have been part of this deceptive package.

The Human-Reptilian Connection

The book gives credence to Credo’s insights into human-reptilian dynamics by explaining behaviors we see in warmongers and power-hungry leaders. These individuals are often raised by the Chitauri only to be discarded violently after fulfilling their roles as agents of chaos.

Stifled Spiritual Evolution

Credo speaks of lost human abilities: telepathy, telekinesis, precognition, astral travel—all suppressed by these creatures. He poses a critical question: why does humanity seem trapped in a cycle of self-destruction?

A Glimmer of Hope

Despite grim realities portrayed within these pages, hope endures. Above all entities posing as gods is an actual divine force—a God beyond imagining—and it is through dispelling false idols that we may draw closer to this truth.

If you’re someone fascinated by unexplained history or intrigued by ancient wisdom and cosmic narratives, this book is crafted for you. It covers not only otherworldly phenomena but also touches on deep-seated human conditions and our place within a broader cosmic drama.

So step forward—if you dare—to peel back layers of forgotten lore and contemplate our existence alongside enigmatic overseers from stars afar.

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