Negro Comrades of the Crown African Americans and the British Empire Fight the U.S. Before Emancipation (PDF Download)



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What This Book Is Really About

Okay, let me lay it out for you. Picture this: you’re flipping through the pages of history, but this time it’s different. You’re not just reading about the American Revolution; you’re getting the lowdown on how Africans and African Americans didn’t just stop fighting after 1776. Nope, they teamed up with the British to keep pushing back against the United States all the way up to the Civil War.

A New Perspective on Historical Alliances

Think about it – Britain was one of those ahead-of-the-curve nations when it came to saying ‘no more’ to slavery. So naturally, a lot of Black folks saw them as allies in their struggle for freedom. This book takes you from the Caribbean seas to Canadian shores, showing how these alliances weren’t just talk; they were real actions with guns, battles, and strategy sessions.

The Impact on America’s Bloodiest Conflict

Gerald Horne doesn’t just throw facts at you; he connects dots that most have missed. He shows how these collaborations between African Americans and Britain stirred up major drama that helped spark off the Civil War. And let me tell you, his research is nothing short of thorough.

Why You Should Consider Buying This Book

If you’re into uncovering layers of history you thought you knew or if stories of resistance and partnerships across oceans get your brain ticking, then this is right up your alley. It doesn’t matter if you’re a student, a history buff or just someone who likes being in-the-know – there’s something in here that will hit home.

So yeah, this book isn’t fluff; it’s packed with revelations that’ll give you a fresh take on what really went down before America’s big internal showdown.

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