Negroland A Memoir (PDF Download)



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Peering Into the Heart of Privilege and Identity

Imagine stepping into a world where your upbringing is laced with both privilege and cultural isolation. You’re in the midst of Negroland, a place where an elite African American community has set itself apart since the nineteenth century, striving to define its own identity against the backdrop of American society.

This isn’t just history; it’s personal. I was raised among Chicago’s black upper crust, my life unfolding between boundaries drawn by race and class. My father, a renowned pediatrician at Provident Hospital, and my mother, a socialite, navigated this complex realm. I lived it. And now, I’m ready to take you through the paradoxes that shaped me.

A Chronicle of Struggle and Resilience

In this candid narrative, key moments in history—the civil rights movement, feminism’s rise, and the myth of a post-racial America—intersect with my family’s story. You’ll witness how these societal forces carved out a life filled with stark contradictions that demand resilience.

A Book for Seekers of Truth and Understanding

If you’re intrigued by the nuances of race relations or if you’ve ever pondered over how privilege shapes one’s existence, this book speaks to you. It is crafted for those who yearn for an honest look at America’s complicated tapestry of culture and class—especially within communities often left out of mainstream narratives.

Celebratory yet critical. Mirthful yet serious-minded. This isn’t just my tale; it’s an ode to enduring grace under pressure—a symphony composed in honor of every soul navigating their unique journey through Negroland.

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