On Trans-Saharan Trails Islamic Law Trade Networks and Cross-Cultural Exchange in Nineteenth-Century Western Africa by Ghislaine Lydon (PDF Download)



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Explore the Thriving Trade of 19th Century Sahara

Step into a world where camel caravans traverse the vast Sahara, driven by the ambitions and expertise of traders from Wād Nūn. This book serves as your guide through the history and organization of trans-Saharan trade, presented through groundbreaking research that relies on firsthand materials.

You’ll examine original documents such as contracts, private letters, religious decrees (fatwas), and firsthand accounts from caravan veterans to reveal how these traders navigated long-distance commerce. With literacy in Arabic as their tool and Islamic law as their compass, they crafted a network of trade that spanned continents.

The Role of Women in Caravan Trade

Beyond just routes and goods, this study illuminates the strategic involvement of women within this trade system. It’s an eye-opening look at how they carved out roles for themselves in a male-dominated field.

A Continental Perspective

By connecting West African with North African studies, you’re invited to view this historical period through a wider lens—a continental approach that offers a more unified understanding of the region’s past trading prowess.

This book is ideal for historians with an interest in Africa, the Middle East, or global commerce—as well as scholars looking into Muslim societies or Islamic legal traditions. It fills gaps between disciplines and provides a cohesive picture of economic life across Africa during an era that shaped today’s commercial practices.

If you’re drawn to history, culture, economics, or law—especially within an African context—this is your next must-read. Get ready to be transported back in time to when trade was both an art and a lifeline for countless communities across deserts and beyond boundaries.

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Remember: Knowledge about past commerce enriches our understanding of modern markets—and this book is your bridge between then and now.

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