Overtly Muslim Covertly Boni Competing Calls of Religious Allegiance on the Kenyan Coast by Mark R. J. Faulkner (PDF Download)



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Explore the Boni Community’s Cultural Shifts

Step into the world of the Boni community, a hunter-gatherer group living along the border between Kenya and Somalia. This book is your gateway to understanding their transition to Islam over the past five decades, and how it has reshaped their identity and spiritual practices.

Inside Reasons and External Influences

You’ll uncover why this change occurred from multiple angles—internal community dynamics as well as external pressures. It’s an insightful look at how traditional religious activities are being reimagined to mirror the evolving sense of self within a diverse ethnic milieu while also serving as a subtle form of resistance against cultural domination.

A Methodology Rooted in Experience

The author uses participant observation paired with a phenomenological lens to give you an authentic portrayal of three distinct spheres of Boni religious life: the bush, village center, and individual homesteads.

Who Should Immerse Themselves in This Book?

If you have an interest in anthropology, religion, or African studies, this book will serve as a compelling resource. It’s perfect for academics looking for real-world examples or anyone eager to broaden their knowledge about adaptive cultural identities amidst globalization.

This isn’t just a text; it’s a passage to comprehend how traditions transform when they meet modernity head-on. If that piques your interest, then this book is undeniably for you.


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