Pert Em Heru Ancient Book of Enlightenment The Egyptian Book (PDF Download)



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Step Into the Mystical Wisdom of Ancient Egypt

You’re about to explore an authentic rendition of the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead, a tome that has captivated scholars and spiritual seekers for over a century. “I Know myself, I know myself, I am One With God!” – words from this revered text hint at its profound nature.

Dr. Muata Ashby, esteemed author with over 25 publications on Ancient Egyptian Yoga Philosophy, presents you with a fresh translation based on actual papyri remnants from yesteryears’ Egypt. His work sheds light on mystical teachings hidden within traditional aphorisms and rituals.

More Than Just Hieroglyphs

The beauty of hieroglyphic script often overshadows their intended purpose. Yet, beyond their artistic allure lies wisdom comparable to the Upanishads or Tibetan Book of the Dead. This isn’t just another historical relic; it’s a manual for spiritual enlightenment.

If you’re seeking a deeper understanding of your own existence and the universe, this book is for you. It’s crafted for those who yearn to connect with ancient knowledge and apply its truths to modern life.

Why Choose This Book?

You should pick up this book if you are drawn to the secrets of Ancient Egypt and aspire to attain spiritual self-discovery. It speaks not only to history buffs but also to practitioners of spirituality seeking an age-old path to inner peace.

This volume is more than a reading experience; it’s a journey towards uncovering your divine essence through the mystical heritage of Ancient Egypt.

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