Physicians Colonial Racism Diaspora in West Africa (PDF Download)



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Explore a Groundbreaking Medical History

You’re about to step into the world of African medical practice, a realm where ancient knowledge laid the groundwork for much of what we know in Western medicine today. This book is your passage to understanding how African and diaspora physicians have been pivotal throughout history, especially in West Africa’s colonial period.

African Doctors: Pioneers Under Pressure

Imagine being an African doctor—trained perhaps even in the US or Soviet Union—only to return home and face barriers erected by colonial policies. This was the harsh reality during the era of “closed shop” as coined by British policymakers in the 1950s. Our book takes you through these challenges, highlighting the fight for autonomy and recognition that African medical professionals endured.

Traditional Roots to Modern Practice

The narrative begins three millennia ago in Egypt, tracing traditional African medicine’s evolution alongside modern medical services’ development. It showcases African doctors’ contributions to understanding and treating diseases on their continent. If you’re passionate about history, social sciences, or medicine’s evolution, this book will feed your curiosity with its thorough research and captivating biographies.

For Whom Is This Book?

If you’re a historian with a focus on West Africa, a scholar interested in the diaspora’s impact on healthcare, or just someone fascinated by the progression of medical practice under challenging conditions, this book is written for you. Adell Patton Jr., an associate professor with deep roots in African studies, presents findings that are not just informative but also serve as acknowledgment of these practitioners’ vital roles.

In essence, this is more than just a recounting of events; it’s a tribute to resilience and intellect. It’s time to appreciate the remarkable journey of West African medicine – from ancestral wisdom to present-day practices – and its indelible mark on global health.

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