Swifter than the Arrow The Golden Hunting Hounds of Ancient Egypt (PDF Download)




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Why You Need This Book

Swifter than the Arrow thrusts you into a little-explored realm of Ancient Egyptian culture – their pioneering relationship with dogs. You’ll be riveted by how a civilization, renowned for its architectural marvels and hieroglyphics, also bred and cherished hounds, both as hunting partners and beloved pets.

The Heart of the Content

This book doesn’t just tell a tale; it paints a vivid picture of the Egyptians’ bond with canines that has endured for millennia. It’s not everyday trivia but an insightful look at how this early society managed to maintain purebred hounds over centuries – an achievement parallel to their iconic pyramids.

Imagine exploring evidence that links breeds like today’s “Pharaoh Hound” directly back to those ancient Egyptian dogs. If you’re fascinated by history or canine lineage, this is your literary goldmine.

Who Should Grab This Book?

Are you intrigued by ancient civilizations or the origins of man’s best friend? Maybe you’re a dog lover eager to trace the roots of your four-legged companion. Swifter than the Arrow is perfect for anyone seeking knowledge on historical human-animal bonds with clarity and factual depth.

In short, if you crave an authentic account of one of humanity’s oldest friendships, set in the cradle of civilization, this book belongs in your collection. Get ready for an enlightening journey through time that will enrich your understanding of both Ancient Egypt and the noble hound at your feet.

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