The Five Negro Presidents According to what White People Sai (PDF Download)



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What’s Inside the Pages?

You’re about to dive into a book that has caused quite the stir. Street vendors have hawked it, and sales have skyrocketed—into the thousands, maybe even millions. Exact numbers? Nobody’s been keeping score. It’s a narrative some White critics waved off as mere “wishful thinking,” yet its claims stand unchallenged.

At the heart of this book, you’ll find an intriguing assertion: President Harding might have had African ancestry—a rumor that buzzed around during his life, which he never publicly denied. This topic isn’t just historical gossip; it continues to pop up in contemporary media discussions.

Even more captivating is the story of President Thomas Jefferson, specifically addressed in “The Slave Children of Thomas Jefferson,” with its ISBN 1881373029 staring right at you, inviting curiosity.

The Mastermind Behind the Work

Get to know Joel Augustus Rogers—a man born in Negril, Westmoreland Parish, Jamaica. As a Jamaican-American author, journalist, and historian, Rogers stepped beyond traditional boundaries to document Africa’s legacy and its descendants’, especially African Americans’, contributions and histories in the United States. His work traverses through history, sociology, and anthropology with meticulous care.

Who Should Read This Book?

If you’re someone who appreciates a fresh angle on historical narratives, or if you want a piece of literature that challenges conventional records without fear—this is for you. It doesn’t matter if history was your least favorite class or if timelines bore you; this book taps into human stories that resonate across time.

Whether you’re a scholar looking for different perspectives or simply crave knowledge about past leaders’ lives—their truths and secrets—this book offers something valuable. It gives voice to stories left out of textbooks and brings them right into your hands.

In essence, when you pick up this book, expect an encounter with a slice of history not often discussed yet immensely relevant today. It’s an invitation to rethink what we think we know about figures cemented in our historical consciousness.

In picking up this volume, you arm yourself with information that broadens your understanding of America’s multifaceted past. Open these pages and step into a part of history waiting for its due recognition.

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