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The Five Percenters: Islam, Hip-hop and the Gods of New York

Dive into the riveting narrative where Malcolm X meets Wu Tang Clan—this is your authoritative chronicle of The Five Percenters.

You’re about to enter a world often misunderstood, sometimes sensationalized. Meet The Five Percenters: born from the fringes of Harlem’s Nation of Islam in the 60s, they’ve been labeled black America’s Hell’s Angels. But who are they, really?

They started with a bold idea—that every black man is divine—and grew under ‘Allah’, their leader. Their saga is electric: clashing with Malcolm X and Elijah Muhammad, prison uprisings, Brooklyn street wars, the crack era’s rise… and now they count icons like RZA, Rakim, and Lord Jamar as affiliates.

This book doesn’t just skim the surface. With unmatched access to founding figures and pivotal documents, it cuts through myths and hearsay. You’ll get the full story on how this group shaped themselves—and influenced others—in New York’s cultural panorama.

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