The House Flipping Answer Book Practical Answers to More Than 125 Questions on How to Find (PDF Download)




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Are You Ready to Flip Houses and Profit?

Imagine turning a rundown property into a lucrative investment. Picture yourself mastering the art of house flipping, where every renovation leads to your financial gain. If you’re asking whether you can flip houses just like those pros on TV, or if you’re pondering the potential risks and rewards—The House Flipping Answer Book is your guide through this exciting venture.

A Clear Path Through the House Flipping Maze

You’ve got questions; this book has answers. Authored by an experienced attorney and real estate investor, it cuts through the confusion with straightforward advice that gets right to what you need to know:

  • Who excels at flipping?
  • How do I jump into the flipping game?
  • What’s an option in real estate, and how does it function?
  • Which quick fixes are both affordable and effective?
  • What regulations should I be aware of before starting any work?
  • How do I estimate a rehab budget accurately?
  • What makes my flip more attractive to buyers?

This no-nonsense Q&A format book is designed for immediate application, giving you the knowledge needed to turn profits from flips with confidence.

About Your Expert Guide

Your mentor through these pages, Denise L. Evans, is not only an Attorney at Law but also a seasoned commercial real estate broker who’s been applying her expertise for over two decades. As an alumna of the University of Alabama Law School, she brings her legal acumen and investing prowess directly to you in The House Flipping Answer Book.

If your goal is to step into the world of real estate investment or elevate your house-flipping game, then this book is for you. It’s tailored for aspiring flippers eager to learn as well as seasoned investors looking for new strategies. Dive in, equip yourself with insider knowledge, and prepare to flip your way to success!

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